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For Nottingham is currently on hiatus.


On the Eve of St. John

Who: Most of Nottingham, and anyone in surrounding villages who wants a bigger party than they'd have at home
What: Celebrate Midsummer and the feast of St. John the Baptist
Where: Nottingham and its environs
When: 23 June, dusk

It has been a truly glorious summer day. Midsummer has always been a happy time in Nottingham, even with the iron rule of the Sheriff in recent years. This year might even be more cheerful than any in recent memory: though it has never been announced that the Sheriff is away and Sir Guy still has a firm grasp on power, the mood in the city is lighter--maybe even hopeful.

The day has been long and full of festivities: games and dances, plays put on by the local guilds, and stands selling any type of food you could wish to buy. As the sun nears the horizon, the people of Nottingham and many of the surrounding villages begin to gather on the plain outside the city walls, where the great bonfire will be lit and will burn through the night. Some conscientious folk go to Mass to celebrate the Eve of the Feast of St. John, but as the church bells toll the end of the service, even they flee the confines of the city to spend the short summer night under the stars.

Notes: Everyone may join and leave as they like, or move between threads (just be sure to link things so we can follow along with your character!). If you'd like a new location thread (forest, town, etc) just let us know and we'll add it.

A Relaxing Evening (Closed to Outlaws)

Who: Open to all Outlaws at camp
What: An ambush provided not just money...it provided some alcohol. Basically some crack fun.
Where: The Camp
When: May 20th Evening

They all deserved some time to relax anyway.Collapse )

An Evening's Walk (open)

Who: Caro, Louise, Allan and anyone else who stops by
What: Making a potential friend...or enemy
Where: Locksley Village
When: Evening
(ooc: I hope I did this right, let me know if I need to fix something!)

Caro slowly made her way down the path leading away from her adopted parents' cottage. How she longed to be Caroline White again! Louise trotted obediently at her heel, awaiting instruction. Caro longed to have more company, to be with anyone​ 
so she didn't go mad. It had been weeks since she'd had a decent heart to heart with anyone, even her parents.

Louise barked at her when she paused.She went behind  bush as a guard walked past, and came back out again only when he was gone. Louise had been taught to avoid people other than those she knew or those Caro had introduced her to, so she instantly stopped barking when Caro hushed her. 
Luckily the guard took no notice of Louise, and Caro assumed it was because he assumed she was some stray. She was still surprised he didn't think she was a wolf, however. 

She sure didn't behave like one, and she had that in her favor. She wished she could return and work at the stables. Caro missed her fellow stable hands and wished she had somewhere to go every day to keep her busy. Just as she stepped out from behind the bush, a twig snapped and she gasped, for this was like sudden thunder in the dead of night.

(ooc: the twig snapping was an opportunity for her to be noticed, should you choose to take it)

Who: Nico, Much & Will
What: Will’s curiosity gets him in trouble
Where: Clun
When: 14th of June, morning

NOTE! Edited on May 13 to include Much

Just cause because we're outlawsCollapse )

Shocking Confessions

Who: Catherine and Isabella
What: Isabella and Catherine do some catching up
Where: on the steps of Nottingham's church
When: Easter

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A Shocking Discovery (Closed to Isabella)

Who: Marian and Isabella
What: A discovery
Where: Locksley/Just outside Locksley
When: Night, May 11th

Isabella?!Collapse )
Who: Marian and Much
What: A chat? Potentially a bit of an argument, even if it's not as heated as it could be
Where: Camp
When: Late Morning, May 2nd
Note: Slight godmodding of Robin done with permission

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On the Eve of St. John


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