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Something Worth Fighting For

Nottingham, 1194

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A RP group based on BBC's Robin Hood

A treacherous Sheriff plots the death of the king.
A noblewoman flees from her husband, seeking sanctuary with a brother she hasn't seen in sixteen years.
A gang of outlaws prepares to battle for the rightful king.
An embittered Crusader returns from the Holy Lands.
A mercenary finds the chance for revenge against an old foe.
Their stories converge, plots and personalities clashing as allegiances are revealed and causes are pursued.
Everyone has their own agenda, and no one knows who to trust.
All roads lead to Nottingham...
  For Nottingham is a fandom/medieval RPG, jumping off from the world and characters portrayed in the BBC show Robin Hood, but with a more historical bent to the setting and characters.
Prior knowledge of the show is not necessary and we welcome OCs as well as canon characters.
We're especially looking for people to play Little John, and others who might be able to help the outlaws in their cause.
Even if you don't want to join, you're welcome to participate on our OOC com, we love hearing from readers!
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